Youth group on most Sunday mornings from about 10.45-12noon


For: School years 7-9

Pathfinders is the place to be for finding out more about the Christian faith and how God and life work together for this age group. We aim to create a fun environment that is enjoyable and where friendships can grow and develop. There are times of interactive teaching and talks, opportunities for games to help bond the group together and group times to chat, discuss and pray together.

We aim for the young people in Pathfinders to know and understand more of their true identities as we explore more of God’s love for them and help them grow in their faith. Oh, and of course, we always have food and snacks each week!

This group goes out during the morning service after staying for some of the musical worship time and meets in the Youth Area. Throughout the year we have other events/excursions, trips to local worship events, weekends away and summer trip opportunities to New Wine and Soul Survivor!

** please note also that we would love to see some of our regular Crossover young people join us at Pathfinders (or Explorers if year 6) on Sunday mornings, so please consider this a warm invitation!* note we tend not to run Pathfinders during the holidays, due to leaders and youth often being away and we want to encourage youth to be a part of the morning service on these dates instead.  Please check the notice sheet or speak to a leader that day to see if Pathfinders is on.

Contact Michael if you have any questions about anything to do with St Paul’s Youth or if you would like to be added to his parent e-mails which inform you of things coming up and all the different groups’ term dates.