Thy Kingdom Come 2019



30th May – June 9th 2019

Thy Kingdom Come’ – Ten days of focused, united prayer

Praying for the ten days from Ascension Day to Pentecost is traditional, recalling the actions of the disciples following Jesus’ ascension.

We are praying that the Spirit would inspire with confidence and equip us to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with our friends and families, our communities and networks.

To get the most out of Thy Kingdom Come:

All of us

COMMIT TO PRAY. For ideas on how to pray please visit – and sign up to Pledge2Pray there.

Take a 3@3 card designed to help you pray for three people ask God to guide you as you choose. To help remind you, you could:

  • TAKE A PIECE OF STRING and tie three knots in it to represent each of the people you have committed to pray for. You could carry the knotted string in your pocket, tie it round your wrist or place it somewhere that you’ll see it regularly. Use the knots to remind you to pray for each person.
  • Or use a BUSINESS PRAYER CARD OR BOOKMARK which fits inside your wallet, purse or book. Write your list of three people and use it daily.
  • Or Add PRAYER ALERTS on your phone and set reminders to pray for them.
  • Or use POST-IT NOTES to stick them onto your mirror, above your bed or somewhere that you’ll see them regularly and will be reminded to pray.

As a family

Embark on a family prayer adventure

  • Commit to pray together, perhaps during meals or bedtime
  • Enjoy our Family Prayer Map, new for 2019
  • Listen to the Family Podcast

As a small group

In YOUR SMALL GROUPS plan a special prayer focus in your small groups or arrange to prayer walk the area.

At Church

  • Thursday May 30th 8pm Ascension Day Holy Communion will launch the 10 days of prayer for equipping and inspiring for us the share the Good News of Jesus
  • BOOK The Prayer Room at CHURCH for a session to pray as an individual or with someone. It is set up for prayer and you can book as an individual or as a small group a slot from 8.30am until 9.30pm (Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm Saturdays) or drop in to the Chapel.  Bookings for the prayer room are below or if you are on MyChurchSuite you can book there.
  • 9.15am – Walking round the parish praying for it and returning for coffee and cake
  • 5pm – Intercessory Prayer

Come and join Christians from across the region at the Thy Kingdom Come Beacon Celebration on Pentecost Sunday June 9th 6.30pm at the Abbey to pray together that people will come to know Jesus Christ. It is organized by Soul Survivor.

Please leave plenty of time to find parking.

Prayer Room Booking

Please ‘buy’ a ticket for your chosen day/time slot(s) below.  There is only one ticket per time slot regardless of how many of you there are.  If you cannot see your chosen day/time that means someone has got there before you (sorry to say).

Thursday 30th May

Friday 31 May

Saturday 1 June

Monday 3 June

Tuesday 4 June

Wednesday 5 June

Thursday 6th June

Friday 7 June

Saturday 8 June