A New Baby?

The Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing is a chance to gather your family and friends together in Church to welcome your child. It includes a naming ceremony, a commitment for parents and god-parents (or guardians), words of welcome, and a prayer for God’s blessing. Alternatively, the Baptism Service (sometimes called Christening) is available. This is a mark of Christian faith and entry into God’s family. Both types of ceremony usually take place at Church as part of a normal Sunday service.


When a person wishes to become a full member of the Anglican church, they may wish to prepare for “Confirmation”. Confirmation is usually performed by a Bishop, who represents the wider church and confirms people by laying hands on their head and praying for them.

This may happen to Christians who were baptised when they were children when they are old enough to make promises about the way they will live for themselves. It may happen to Christians baptised as adults. If you would like to know more about Confirmation, please contact us.


Are you looking to have a personal, meaningful, spiritual and beautiful church wedding? It’s an exciting time for you as you plan your big day, so if you are planning to get married then please contact us.


The time after a bereavement can be confusing and planning a funeral a daunting experience. Please contact us.