Our Vision:

To be a people pursuing God and expecting the extraordinary, as He works through us to transform people and places.


Our Values:


  • We love God’s incarnated Word: Jesus.
  • We uphold God’s unchanging written word: the Bible.
  • We listen for God’s word to us today: prophecy.


  • We believe that God is near, living with us and in us.
  • We welcome God’s presence with us and seek to experience heaven on earth.
  • We look to be ‘presence led’ – responding to where God is leading.


  • We welcome all and help newcomers feel at home.
  • We seek to help people become Christians and enjoy an intimate relationship with God.
  • We build community as we share our lives together.


  • We believe in God’s power to transform individuals and society.
  • We expect the miraculous and look to God for healing inside and outside the church.
  • We celebrate continuing spiritual growth in everyone.


  • We are blessed to be a blessing.
  • We spread the love and forgiveness of God wherever we go.
  • We generously share our material and spiritual gifts.


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Our Mission:

We worship, honour and have an active relationship with God.

We hear Him through the Bible, prayer and prophecy.

We encourage people to become Christians.

We expect God to use us in evangelism, healing and setting people free in His name.

We are a community that welcomes everyone.

We support each other in our journey to become more like Jesus.

We intentionally invest in all, including children and young people.

We work together to empower people to use their individual gifts every day as God directs.

We seek to transform society by prayer, evangelism and action.

We work alongside other churches and organisations to bless St Albans and the wider world.