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22/23 September 2017

Imagine a Health Service where heaven’s limitless resources are freely accessed bringing the love, power and wisdom of God into the healthcare equation.

Imagine healthcare workers feeling encouraged, enabled, supported, empowered and envisioned.

Imagine God-given dreams coming true and healing miracles becoming normal and acceptable.

Imagine “Heaven in Healthcare”
This will not be just another conference but the launch pad of dreams and the start of establishing a new network for Christians who work in healthcare. We will learn together, encourage and support one another, and find God’s answers to the issues we face.

We will focus on three main elements:

  • Empowering and encouraging Christians in the workplace to be “Heaven on earth”
  • Providing God’s solutions to healthcare issues, including creative wisdom and miracles
  • Helping Christian Healing to become acceptable as a healthcare option

The conference will look at issues such as

  • “Restoring hope and growing in faith”
  • “The vision of Heaven in Healthcare”
  • “Governance”
  • “Gaining wisdom and finding solutions”
  • “Miracles in the NHS?”
  • “Pastors in A&E” and
  • “The power of a common dream”

Alongside this will be small group interactions, dreaming together, worship and impartation.

Speakers will include, Pete Carter, Mike von Fraunhofer and Sasha Caridia from Eastgate, Gubby Ayida from Westminster and Chelsea Hospital and Holy Trinity Brompton, Ben Woollard from Sheffield ED Pastors and Tony Dale founder of Christians in Caring Professions.

Eastgate are looking forward not only to seeing you at the conference but also journeying alongside you into the adventure we call “Heaven in Healthcare”.

Join with Eastgate to pioneer and establish this move of God.

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