Healing Services 2017

St Paul’s welcomes back Jo Moody and
Ed Rocha for 2017

2018 – arrangements are being finalised for Jo Moody to return in Spring 2018.  Keep watching this page for further updates.

Ed Rocha returns to St Paul’s in April

Booking is now open for a two-day conference 27-28th April ‘Supernatural Lifestyle’ (http://www.stpauls-stalbans.org/ed-rocha).

Healing Service – Fri 28th April at 8.00pm All welcome – please invite your family/friends

Short Training morning – Sat 29th April 9.45am – 1.00pm A morning session for those who are unable to attend the conference due to work, but who would like to grow in the ministry of seeing people healed. No booking required.

 Ed Rocha will also preach at our 10.30am and 6.30pm services on Sunday 30th

Testimonies from some previous healing services:

‘I had chronic pain from a bulging disc pressing on a nerve. I was healed of pain, first in my back and then in my hip. I am still pain free!’

‘Somebody had a word of knowledge about psoriasis, which I have suffered from for nearly 20 years. I stood up for healing and by the end of the evening my scalp was clear and I had no itching. Praise the Lord!’

‘I have needed glasses to read for nearly 8 years and accepted that as I am getting older. But I saw a change after I was prayed for and by the afternoon of the following day could read smaller text more easily. After a few days I could read my Bible clearly without any glasses and now I am not using my glasses at all! Praise God!


About Jo Moody:

Her Ministry: http://agapefreedomfighters.org/

Her story can be found on YouTube here.

Recordings from the public sessions which Jo Moody and her team gave in 2017 will be published under ‘Sundays’ ‘Sermons’.  You can then filter by speaker.

Recordings of the 10:30 and 18:30 services held on 19th February are already available: http://www.stpauls-stalbans.org/sermons/

This clip is from BBC Three Counties Radio where Jo is interviewed by Helen Lee broadcast 26th Feb 2017: https://clyp.it/o2vf3cyd