This week


Sun 17
8.00am Traditional Holy Communion (BCP)
10.30am Morning Prayer
6.30pm Holy Communion

Mon 18
9.30-10.30am Prayer meeting (chancel)
7.30pm ‘Free To Be You’ course (church)

Tues 19
1.30pm St Paul’s Art Group – ‘Bridges’ (large hall)
2.00-4.00pm Men’s Daytime Prayer group (lounge)

Wed 20
8.30-9.00am Prayer meeting (chapel)
9.45am Oasis – women’s group with creche (GR1 and chapel)
1.00-2.45pm Saalaam Women’s Fellowship (lounge)

Thurs 21
10.00-11.30am Tiny Tots (GR1)

Fri 22
9.30-11.00am Tots (large & small halls)

Sun 24
8.00am Traditional Holy Communion (BCP)
10.30am Holy Communion
4.30pm Bring ’n’ Share Tea for Patrick and Carol
6.30pm Informal Worship
8.15pm Men’s Prayer group (lounge)