Strength for Today – Hope for Tomorrow

Easter is here – and it feels like it’s been a long time coming. Through these past dark months, people in the NHS and other frontline services have been showing great courage, helping to tackle the pandemic and keep life going. We are grateful for all they have done and are doing.

At Easter, Christians celebrate Jesus Christ coming back to life, after dying on a cross. Because Christ died and rose again, we have the promise of new life – a new start in life – if we put our trust in him.

Faith in Christ gives us the strength to cope with the difficult times we are living through. And Christ brings us hope of a better, brighter future, as we look to him to transform and guide us.



Time of Prayer

As Easter approaches, we are inviting local people to place a stone (painted or plain) at the foot of the Cross in the church grounds, or to tie a ribbon on the railings, as a sign of prayer. They may like to remember someone who is unwell, or in need, or in mourning at this time. Or to say a prayer for themselves. The church is at the corner of Hatfield and Blandford Roads.

Easter Trail

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Our live Easter Services are now available on our YouTube Channel.  See our Church At Home page.