After 8 (Friday youth club, years 9+)

Y Youth club on selected Friday nights of term time, 8.00-9:30pm Open to: School years 9-13 After 8 is our free church youth club for older youth and is essentially what it says on the tin: starting from 8pm on selected Fridays for youth in school years after 8 (so years 9-13, or equivalent). It is more »


Youth group on Wednesday nights 7.45-9:15pm For: School years 10+ Deep is the main evening of the week for older youth who want to go deeper in their journey with God. We aim to create an atmosphere where young people belong and feel valued and at home. The evening features worship, talks, discussion, small group time, more »


Youth group on most Sunday mornings from about 10.45-12noon For: School years 7-9 Pathfinders is the place to be for finding out more about the Christian faith and how God and life work together for this age group. We aim to create a fun environment that is enjoyable and where friendships can grow and develop. more »

Crossover (Friday youth club, years 6-8)

Youth club on most Friday nights of term time, 6:30-8pm Open to: School years 6-8 Crossover is our free church youth club for younger youth, crossing over the primary and secondary school years. It is 90 minutes of hanging out with friends at the end of a school week, meeting new people, playing games and above all more »