When ?

Date of next book display: Sunday February 16th after 8am, 10.30 am and 6.30pm services.

Book Display happens once a month at the end of each Sunday service. We aim for the third Sunday in the month.

What ?

The display consists of Christian books donated by church members. They are all completely free for everyone –  take as many as you like!

You can return them if you like, but you don’t have to.

Write your name next to the titles you have chosen on the list which is put out at the display.

This enables others to follow up if they are interested in particular books. Swaps are by mutual agreement.

The display is arranged in the following categories  (in alphabetical order):


Bible, Christian Doctrine, family & relationships, fiction, Holy Spirit & healing, ideas for action, individual experiences, prayer and worship.

You don’t have to wait for the display Sunday to take books. They are always on the trolley at the back of church. Take them whenever you like. Write your name on the list if you like. If you want to return any, just pop them on the trolley any time.

What if I have books to donate ?

If you see space on the trolley, leave your donations there any time, or bring them to the display Sunday. It would be really helpful if you could scribble a short recommendation on a slip of paper and put it inside. It will help church members find the books they will enjoy, which is the aim of the Book Display. Your recommendation will get typed up and stuck in the front of the book. Christian books only please.

Book Display on Church Suite

All the titles are on Church Suite to help you choose in advance. From the menu, choose ‘my groups’ and scroll down to ‘free books’. Open ‘more information’ and there is a list of titles by alphabetical order of author, followed by another list by category (list of categories above).

Because we make the books available at all times, the list on Church Suite can never be 100% up to date. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask, and we’ll follow it up.


We hope the Book Display will help church members find the Christian books they need, read and enjoy.

Books are expensive, and often it’s difficult to tell beforehand what works for you. If we can tap the recommendations of our church members with their wide experiences, we can avoid the waste of time and money on books which aren’t quite what we need at the time. Then reading is more fun, we do it more often, and the books don’t just clutter up our shelves at home. Happy reading!

Any suggestions?

Please email andrewcthompson@btinternet.com . Any offers of help are welcome.  There is also a St Paul’s Christian  book club.