About the Book Club

The Book Club meets twice every term, usually on a Thursday evening. Everyone is welcome.

Our next meeting will be Thursday February 27th at 8pm in Garden Room 1. The book we have chosen is ‘The Life you’ve always wanted by John Ortberg. Copies from the church office or abebooks.co.uk (also available from other booksellers). Everyone is welcome.

A Christian book is agreed at the previous meeting and the title is publicised on the St Paul’s facebook group and church news sheet. This leaves about six weeks to read it.

Some copies are available free of charge at the church office, but please be prepared to circulate to others once you’ve read it.

We meet in one of the Garden rooms and following some refreshment, discuss the book for an hour or so.

We then discuss possible titles and a date for next time.

We also consider what we would like to pass on to the rest of the church about the book, which will appear on this website.

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Please email Andy if you have any questions about the book club.

We also have a book display at the back of church once a month after the Sunday services.