St Paul’s Christian Book Club met on May 16th 2019 and discussed  ‘The Introvert Charismatic’ by Mark Tanner

The book received warm approval, notably for its balanced appreciation of the needs of both introverts and extroverts in church.

The Book Club would like in particular to recommend  chapter 10,  ‘Six steps towards fullness of life’. Here’s a short summary :

  1. Recognise and accept that you are an introvert :
    ‘God has made us, and He has made us well’.
  2. Nourish yourself with :
    • routines which work for you : introverts don’t thrive on chaos
    • relationships : maybe part of a small prayerful group?
    • boundaries : limits on activities which drain you
  3. Find a voice : the best places, times and ways to have your say. This includes those who like   to ‘say it in flowers’, or a card, or music or dance.
  4. Learn a second language : share a bit of ‘extrovert speak’, such as contributing to the  conversation as others’ thoughts are formed rather than later when your thoughts are fully formed
  5. Step out in faith : don’t be afraid to respond when the Spirit speaks to you.
  6. Practise the habits which bring health :

There follows five pages of bullet points p191-195! Here is the Amazon link to the book (also available from other bookshops).

More on Mark Tanner, author of our most recent
book club choice :
Mark is now Bishop of Berwick. Check him out on Wikipedia! His wide experience includes youth pastor and
military chaplain. Interestingly, neither ‘introvert’ nor ‘charismatic’ appear in the Wikipedia

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